Why lift and slide is the new bi-fold

As shifts in taste go, it’s one of the most important to affect the door market in some time. This is the move in public demand away from bi-fold doors towards lift and slide doors.
Italian industry leader AGB has responded to the change by bringing Imago Lift & Slide, the slimmest timber frame lift and slide door hardware system on the market to the UK. Here are just some of the reasons that make lift and slide the new bi-fold:

Better connections

Public tastes are changing to meet a desire for more connected indoors and outside spaces. What gives a lift and slide door the edge over the bi-fold door is that it allows easier access in and out of a property. This isn’t only better for everyday living, it’s also a big bonus for entertaining. While bi-fold doors break up the views with separate door leafs, lift and slide doors actually enhance the flow of a space. Responding to the growing appetite for more aspirational living spaces, Imago takes this impact even further with super-slim design with a timber frame which is less than 2cm wide.

Maximising the potential

We’re all looking to maximise the value of our properties these days, with smarter ways to make the most of our homes and gardens. While the bi-fold style is a very familiar one, the lift and slide style brings an added edge to a property, all helping to boost its market potential.

Much more than a trend…

Market changes come and go, but with the advantages that Lift&Slide doors provide in terms of light, space and impact, this is much more than just a trend. It’s a shift in public taste and for distributors and installers, an important move within the market.