AGB: bringing market-leading Italian products to the UK

We are very proud of the fact that AGB means ‘high quality engineered hardware’. In fact, in 60 years, the name AGB has come to stand for beautifully designed hardware for windows and doors across the globe.
As well as being a market leader in our own country, we have grown into an internationally recognised brand. We supply a range of cylinder locks, multipoint locks, hinges, as well as lift and slide components through a network of distributors across UK and Ireland.

Anticipating what the market wants next

While customers constantly look for quality, the appetite for types and styles of products is continually changing. Our approach is to continually assess what customers want, based on our long experience of the market. We apply this knowledge to enable our distributors to respond to emerging trends as quickly as possible. The latest example of this is our introduction of the Imago Lift & Slide, the slimmest wood frame lift and slide door hardware system on the market. We have applied hardware technology to put timber at the cutting edge of slim-frame lift and slide door design. This new door system means companies can manufacture a frame with a visible thickness of just two centimetres.

Combining innovation and tradition

Having a 60 year track record hasn’t stopped us from continually innovating. Our dedicated AGB Research and Development Lab allows us to put all our know-how into creating high quality products that match changing market demands. Our 50,000 sq m production facility hosts leading-edge technical production processes, all helping to make us one of the most technologically advanced industrial concerns in Europe.

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