Why Imago’s super-slim design fills a big gap in the market

Why is Imago winning such a positive public reaction? Created in Italy, the slimmest timber frame lift and slide door system on the market is now receiving a great response from architects, property developers and home-owners alike. So what is the big buzz behind its super-slim design?

Less really is more

Less is more when large span sliding doors succeed in being both subtle and stunning at the same time. Imago’s super-slim design fills a real gap in the market for companies wanting to offer customers maximum glass area and minimum frame width. The new lift and slide door system means that companies can now manufacture a frame visible thickness of just two centimetres! This means that Imago offers greater design possibilities for many types of architectural and design projects.

Add value

Adding high quality, premium doors can help to boost the value of a property. For vendors, it could also help to give a house the edge in a property market which is still catching up with pre-recession levels.

Enjoy more space and light

Property shows like ‘Grand Designs’ have changed how people view their homes forever. They’ve seen the possibilities for enhancing their interior spaces with more natural light and better views. These increased design aspirations have created a bigger appetite for products which maximise on the potential of a space. This is exactly what Imago Lift & Slide Doors super-slim design provides, as well as enhanced levels of comfort, thermal performance, weather protection and security. Imago’s smart technology is matched by a high specification Climatech threshold, beautifully designed handles and fittings and an advanced Poseidon security lock.