Imago Lift & Slide Doors Attract Homebuilders

Super-slim timber doors system, Imago Lift & Slide has been shown to self-builders in the UK for the first time at one of the largest shows on the homebuilding calendar.
AGB’s cutting edge lift and slide door design was a big draw for homeowners and builders on the Locks, Doors and Window Fittings stand at The South-West Homebuilding, Renovating and Home Improvement Show. The show, which attracts more than 85,000 visitors, is aimed at homeowners looking for inspiration and advice for self-build projects, extensions and remodelling.

“There is growing demand from homeowners for wood lift and slide doors with slim frames and large glass area that frame the view and create light open spaces,” says Dave Parsons, Managing Director of Locks, Doors and Window Fittings. “From the feedback we got at the show, we can see that there is massive potential in the market for Imago.
“We had a lot of interest in the doors from visitors to the stand at the South-West Homebuilding, Renovating and Home Improvement Show, who were really impressed by the visible frame thickness of just two centimetres and we’ve already started taking orders for Imago Lift & Slide Doors.”
As a market leader in Italy, AGB has more than 60 years’ experience creating beautifully designed hardware for windows and doors. Bridgwater-based Locks, Doors and Window Fittings is one of the first Imago Point distributors in the UK.
Marco Zen, UK sales manager for AGB Hardware adds: “Imago is a real success in Italy and is already proving to be popular in the UK. We're excited to be working with Locks, Doors and Window Fittings to launch Imago Lift & Slide Doors into the trade and consumer market here”.