We often get asked if customers can see an Imago Lift & Slide door. It's only natural, because the impact on design is so great when choosing a wide span door whether it's for a new building, extension, refurbishment or retro-fit.
Imago Point Distributors have hosted a roadshow of launch events across the UK and Ireland to showcase the Imago Lift & Slide super-slim timber doors system attracting architects, joinery companies and installers.
We are very proud of the fact that AGB means ‘high quality engineered hardware’. In fact, in 60 years, the name AGB has come to stand for beautifully designed hardware for windows and doors across the globe.
Why is Imago winning such a positive public reaction? Created in Italy, the slimmest timber frame lift and slide door system on the market is now receiving a great response from architects, property developers and home-owners alike. So what is the big buzz behind its super-slim design?
Just weeks after launching Imago Lift& Slide super-slim timber doors leading Italian hardware company AGB has announced its first hardware distributor partners for the Imago door system.